MIS Build
Please note that this website will be fully finished with project files and documentation available for download by the beginning May 2010

Welcome to MIS Build, the home of the St John’s School MIS Database.

As the name of this project suggests this is an own build school database that has been built with the Microsoft Office suite of applications, Access and Visual Basic for Applications.  After thousands of hours of work over a four year period we have decided to share the applications that we have developed on an open source basis and we are interesting in taking project further with other schools and database developers. 

The project started with an Access database that was added on to an MIS system that was purchased from a major provider.  The strategy of adding on to this MIS proved to be so successful that we eventually decided to switch off the bought in system and we now meet all of our data management needs through our own in house endeavours.

This MIS system has been designed for a UK independent preparatory school and it can it can be easily implemented for this type of school environment and it can also be adapted for any small to medium sized school.  If a school wants to develop its own MIS system using MS Office then the project files on this website should provide a very strong starting point.

Because MIS Build started as a set of add ons parts of this project can be bolted on to your current MIS system. Access is particularly good at working with tables of data from more than one data source.

Using MS Office to develop an in house database system offers the following advantages. Generally speaking because of the easy availability of online support MS Office we have not needed the help desk support of an MIS provider and own build has been an empowering experience because it has equipped us with the skills and knowledge to build almost any kind of database, rather than being limited to the product set of a particular provider.